Hi, I'm Shubha!

A picture of me!

I'm a second year studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

at the University of California, Berkeley (Go bears! 🐻).

I love teaching and mixing various forms of art with technology. I'm exploring

the fun and impactful applications of this medley through working on creative

projects and taking on different adventures! 🌲

I'm also a passionate reader, writer, musician, and dancer.



Applied Science Research InternUCSC NECTAR Labs

I worked with a team of nanotechnology researchers to develop and test methods for producing Sodium-doped Aluminum Oxide thin-films with maximized capacitance.


Webmaster + Media Chair Engineers Without Borders, Berkeley

I created media and remade the website of EWB Berkeley. This year-long experience sparked my passion for design, web development, and engineering for service.


Tutor, Lab Assistant UC Berkeley

I aid students in lab and lead both group and individual tutoring sessions. I have taught CS61A (Intro. to Programming) and am currently on course staff for CS61B (Data Structures).


Embedded Systems Eng. InternXStream Inc.

I worked in this high-growth startup over the summer and developed technical solutions for a variety of problems in hardware, software, and business operations.


iOS DeveloperMobile Developers of Berkeley

I designed and developed 6 iOS applications while exploring major mobile development concepts, entrepreneurship, and UI/UX design.


Undergraduate ResearcherEmbodied Design Research Lab

I'm analyzing data from the Debugging Failure project to improve classroom approaches to logic vs. syntax errors.


Software Development InternWalt Disney Animation Studios

Coming summer 2019.




Engage • iOS App • Swift, XCode

ModFox • Ed. Game • Unity, C#

Personal Website • HTML, CSS

DocuMe • JavaScript, WixCode, Azure, Firebase


Graphic Design • Adobe Illustrator

UI/UX Design • Figma

Other Explorations


Some of my greatest passions lie in music and dance. I play the veena for performances and competitions across the nation and enjoy jamming with my roommates in cross-cultural medleys. Dance is my favorite form of exercise and expression. I've been trained classically in Bharatanatyam for numerous years and gave my debut performance in September 2014. Since then, I've taught and performed Bharatanatyam, Raas, and Bhangra. I'm looking to try out HipHop and Jazz next!

I enjoy creating art in various mediums. I have recently picked up graphic design and digital art, but am constantly doodling when I don't have a computer on hand! I'm interested in exploring graphics and animation as a path which connects both my artistic and technical interests.

Lastly, I love to read, write, and watch movies, particularly of the sci-fi genre. I love the imagination and heart which goes into the storytelling process. I aspire to write my own book someday.


Thanks for stopping by.
Please feel free to reach out to me or check out my social media!